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Welcome to the home of Shay Butler Knives. We hope you'll take a look around at our recent projects which are all made here Lily Lake, IL. That's right, we actually make this stuff.  100% made in the United States of America. If you don't see what you're looking for, please send us an email to discuss a custom project. 

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Special Ops



Ultimate Backwood's 



Hunter's Essential


Heavy Duty

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Frame Lock Folder



Frame Lock Folder



Shay Butler Knives, LLC was unintentionally founded in 2015 after Shay, a lifelong hunter, returned from an elk hunting trip in Montana.  He made one near fatal error in packing his gear and forgot a skinning knife.  After returning back home, he began searching out custom handmade knives, but decided it would be much more fun to teach himself to make his own. Nine years later, we repeat the quote "I only wanted to make one knife" quite often as Shay is still knife-less but Shay Butler Knives (SBK) has taken off! Shay's creativity, high quality materials, and functional but unique designs will last a lifetime. We have continued to say these blades are made "By Hunters - For Hunters"  


Shay made his first knife with a bastard hand file and a homemade forge in 2014.  It took him approximately 22 hours. Since the first 2 knives he made in Christmas of 2014, Shay has reinvested back into SBK to help fuel growth and innovation.  He has cut them out by hand, forged blades out of random pieces of steel, tried water jetting patterns and stock removal.  However, Shay knew if he wanted to chase his dream of doing this as a full time career, he needed to be able to produce repeatable, heirloom quality blades in larger batch quantities. 


In 2021, SBK took a gamble and invested in a CNC mill to help bring as much of his processes in-house as possible.  Shay was certainly not an engineer nor have he ever ran any machines or software.  It wasn't until January 2023, where he was able to make something start to finish using CAD/CAM and CNC manufacturing.  SBK took enormous amounts time with the utmost care to ensure we were REPEATABLE premium hunting knives that are designed with durability, precision and reliability in the field. 

In 2023, SBK took the final step and got factory certified as a Cerakote applicator. Cerakote  finishes offer excellent durability, corrosion resistance and customizable options.  With this addition to our manufacturing arsenal, SBK was finally able to control all facets of the manufacturing process under one roof.  From razor-sharp blades to unparalleled durability and style - SBK is your one-stop shop!


Today, SBK produces specialized knives tailored for the rigorous demands of our hunting community, law enforcement and military & service professionals.  Our intent is to deliver exceptional unique blades that are functional artwork to each and every customer.   

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For questions or to check knife availability, please contact us at:

Tel: 630.818.0999

IG: @shaybutlerknives

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