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SBK Cerakote specializes in high-quality ceramic coatings for knives, bow accessories, pistol slides and other sporting equipment.  Our Cerakote finishes offer excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and customization options.  Whether you're looking to protect your gear or add a unique splash of color, SBK Cerakote provides professional coating by a factory trained certified Cerakote applicator.


SBK Cerakote - Certified Applicator

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SBK Cerakote has been professionally training and certified by Cerakote, the leading manufacturer of ceramic coatings. SBK was trained in the proper techniques for applying Cerakote coatings to various surfaces, including knives, firearm slides, sporting equipment, and more. Being officially certified ensures that we have the knowledge and skills to achieve the best results with Cerakote products, providing our customers with high-quality finishes and reliable durability.   If you're looking for Cerakote application, choosing SBK Cerakote can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your items will receive a high-quality coating from experienced and certified professionals. 

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SBK Cerakote Quote

To get a Cerakote quote, please email us the following details:


1.  Type of item (e.g., firearm, bow, knife)

2.  Size and number of items

3.  Desired Cerakote finish/color

4.  Any additional customization or special requests

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Thanks for submitting!

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